Monday, 3 November 2014

Lucy and the Limbs and More!

Hello guys,
I'm back with some for random and awesome posts that will most likely waste your time. If I go on explaining the intro to this blog, that will be REALLY wasting time. Let's go on to the fun stuff!

So I was searching some stuff on YouTube, and I found this adorable short that a famous animator made called David O Reilly. He did many works such as A Glitch is a Glitch adventure time episode and the Alien Child/Hologram scene from her! So this little thing, is called Unlucky Little Man!

After this, we have a little short that will keep the spirit of Halloween Longer, a student short film from Sheridan called Lucy and the Limbs. This short is brilliant in many was and what happens is that dsmfkdjfkldajfklsjdfkljdklfjdkljhfldhfgfhdgla as   As you can see, I blanked out all spoilers for you guys because it's better for you to see the short film your self and let the short spoil everything!

Hope you liked today's post! See you in like 5 milliseconds or later!

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